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Welcome to Livguard

With the continuous growth in the Telecom industry, a parallel need was felt for a reliable source to cater to the growing demand for mobile phone accessories. And thus, out of this necessity, Livguard was born.

Livguard, an Initiative of the SAR group, is one of the leading mobile accessories companies in India. With the aim of catering to the mass-market, we have continuously strived to offer only the superior quality products that integrate seamlessly with your mobiles. Our range of product-portfolio includes Batteries, Chargers, Smart Batteries (Power Bank), Bluetooth Headsets, Screen Guards, Mobile Cases and much more.

Since our inception we have managed to consolidate and streamline the hitherto mobile accessories market that was dominated by lower-rung players offering substandard products. Our products are designed and checked for quality and reliability at each stage of their production.

We strive to maintain the consistency in keeping ourselves updated with the changes in the mobile phone market, so that we could offer you the best solutions to your pressing needs. Our range of products promises to be high on performance and low on maintenance. What's more, we keep our prices competitive to suit the budget of people from all walks of life. All our products are user-friendly and are backed by world class after-sales service.