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Battery FAQs

Monitoring battery health helps the customer to keep a track of replacement cycle of the battery.
Fully charge the battery prior to storage and then disconnect it from the vehicle to prevent small electrical drains (such as in-car clocks, security systems and so on) from draining it. Check the battery voltage periodically and recharge it if it falls below 12.6 volts.
Livguard Automotive battery comes from the house of SAR, which has more than 25 Years of knowledgeable experience in the field of power storage and management. Battery business, which is backbone of the group after establishing their flagship brand ‘Luminous’ in the market, has now diversified into automotive battery business. The product is the work of state of art technologically advanced components ensuring very high reliability factor for a maintenance free & reliable product. The product has the backing of a well-trained Sales & Service Engineering team that strengthens the support to establish the product in the market & in the minds of customer. A full-fledged customer service lends an added advantage for complete customer satisfaction in terms of attending to any nature of complaints. To compliment the above features our batteries are priced at par with the competition who cannot boast of such extensive research & development, manufacturing standards, superior technology & Sales + Service support. We, as a company are confident that our products are ‘best in quality’ & ensure that we deliver what we promise.
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