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Livguard Solar Batteries are C10 rated deep cycle batteries. Innovative Super Tuff 3D design and extra thick tubular plates gives longer backup & battery life.


  • 3d grid

    Super Tuff 3D Grid

    -Industry 1st 3D design with double side pasting
    -Ensures longer battery life

  • life cycle

    Superior Life Cycle

    -Ensure longer battery service life
    -Life cycle 2000 at 80% depth of discharge at room temperature

  • futuristic

    Tuff Futuristic Design

    -Advanced premiun design
    -Robust high quality durable materials

  • ulta maintance

    Ultra Low Maintenance

    -Topping up frequency intially 8 -10 months

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Frequently Asked Questions

- What is the price of Livguard Solar batteries?
Livguard Solar batteries comes in different sizes and capacities. You can choose the best fit from our range of Solar batteries as per your household appliance’s load requirement. Livguard Solar batteries are known for strong and sturdy designs, long-lasting performance, best in class warranty and economical battery price. To get the best price of livguard Solar battery contact your nearby Livguard dealers.
- How many hours will Livguard’s solar battery last?
It actually depends on a variety of factors, including how much energy your household consumes in a given day, the capacity and power rating of your solar battery, what loads your battery will help support, and whether or not you are connected to the electrical grid.
- Can I run my house on solar battery backup power only?
Yes, you can. But it will depend on your usage, PV generation and battery.
- How much would it cost to run on solar battery only?
It depends upon factors like your consumption, consumption patterns, battery manufacturer, battery type, battery size, solar energy system size, and amount of sunlight.
- How much Livguard solar batteries cost?
Livguard Solar batteries price is dependent on its size and capacity. They are available in various sizes and capacities. As per a household’s load requirement, one can choose the best fit from the range. To get the best price of Livguard’s solar battery, please contact your nearby Livguard dealers.
- For how many years does a home battery last?
A Livguard solar battery’s useful span last between 5-15 years. This depends on the various factors like how often the batteries are used, the environment in which the batteries are stored, and the capacity you are choosing. This needs to be replaced once within the 25 years span of your solar system.