Solar LED Street Lights

Livguard solar street lights are integrated with high efficiency LED as per MNRE specifications.


  • Increase Battery Life

    Increase Battery Life / Gravity Builder

    -Designed to remove sulphate build up
    -A high equalizing charged battery

  • Automatic Voltage

    Automatic Voltage Selection

    -Auto battery selection for 10Amps. & 20Amps.
    -Settable battery selection for 50Amps.

  • USB Port

    USB Port

    -For 20Amps. Plug in your DC devices such as fans, light, mobile phone etc.

  • Saftey Protection


    -In-built short circuit, reverse current & polarity protection
    -No risks of electric shocks

Akshay Battery

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Frequently Asked Questions

- Why is a Charge Controller required?
A charge controller regulates a battery’s SOC, providing full power when necessary and reducing the charge when the battery’s SOC is at sufficient levels. This is important for maintaining the state of health of the batteries installed.
- How many types of Charges Controllers are available?
There are two types of charge controllers that are available:
PWM stands for “Pulse Width Modulation” and is basically a 3-stage charging cycle type controller. Most of your DC applications use this technique for lower power ratings typically up to 2 KVA.
MPPT stands for “Maximum Power Point Tracking”. This is a new type of controller that not only provides multi-stage charging but also delivers more power to installed batteries by comparing PV voltage with battery voltage, thus delivering the best current to charge your batteries. This makes it more efficient as compared to a PWM charge controller.