Solar Inverter for Home

Livguard Solar Hybrid UPS provides power from solar battery and grid as per the load profile. It has the highest rated solar charge controller which extracts maximum power from solar modules and reduces electricity bills.


  • Real Time Clock (RTC) Technology

    Real Time Clock (RTC) Technology

    · In-built intelligence RTC to maximize solar energy utilization
    · Optimized solar energy utilization based on localized power solution

  • Fast Battery Charging

    Fast Battery Charging

    · In-built 50 A solar charge controller charges the battery in short time

  • User Friendly LCD Display

    User Friendly LCD Display

    · Easy to operate, in-built interactive LCD display indicates alarm & system status including solar generation

  • Pure Sine Wave

    Pure Sine Wave

    · Noiseless operations & long life of electrical appliances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

- Can I run a heavy appliance with a solar inverter?
Depending upon the equipment power requirement, solar inverter load capacity and inverter battery power, it can be determined if a heavy appliance can be run on a solar inverter. To check exact inverter load and battery capacity requirements, you can use the Livguard’s load calculator here.
- What does a solar inverter do?
A solar inverter is a device used to convert the constantly varying DC output of a solar PV module into AC. A solar inverter is necessarily a part of a solar PV installation. The AC is then fed into a commercial grid or used by a local, off-grid electrical network.
- What are the types of solar inverters?
There are three main types of solar inverters off-grid, grid-tied and hybrid solar inverters.
- Is it worth getting solar inverter at home?
The solar inverter will convert all of the electricity from your solar panels into AC electricity for use on your property. This makes it worth a buy for cost-effective measures in the long run.