Humraahi Tractor Batteries

Built to meet the varied performance requirements of agricultural vehicles, our batteries enhance the performance of tractors while operating in demanding conditions and all types of terrains.


Livguard Humraahi automotive battery is designed to meet the high-performance demands of heavy commercial vehicles. It provides dependable energy for extremely demanding starting conditions and peak power supply in the toughest of scenarios. Improving both safety and comfort, it gives consistent performance to your Trucks and Tractors with aggressive energy demands. Specifically engineered to be ultra reliable, Humraahi is equipped with American technology to overcome the harsh working environments offered by the rough roads and varied climatic conditions.


Warranty – 18+18* Months
Dimensions 306x173x225 mm

Capacity – 100 Ah @ C2O
Polarity – L


Cranking Efficiency

A perfect blend of the grid structure and plate chemistry ensures higher cranking power.

Higher Safety Standard

Specially engineered with flame arresters at venting locations to ensure high-level safety

Low Maintenance

Designed to reduce water loss and increase efficiency.

Designed For Long Life

Robust Grid Structure and Double Clad Separation offers long life to our batteries.

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