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Born in India
Global in Vision

About Livguard

With a remarkable vision and foresight for the growing energy solutions industry, today the brand boasts of an incredible legacy of 30 years. Powered by passion and fuelled by innovation, Livguard has established itself as a strong player in the energy solution space in India. With our offerings in automotive batteries, Inverters and Inverter Batteries, Stabilizers, Residential Solar Solutions, we are bringing in a new dimension of smart energy products.


How we energise your every day

The core essence of our products is to energise your every day with our range of power-packed energy products and solutions. Take your pick!

With no power-interruptions,
helping you take charge of your life

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Powering your every
drive & ride

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Garnering the power of sun to
meet your needs of a better tomorrow.

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Supporting your life so that your
high-energy lifestyle is never interrupted.

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Energy Unlimited for your every need

Energy Unlimited is the quality displayed by someone who just won’t quit — who keeps trying until they reach their goal. This implies overcoming odds by ceaseless effort – endless energy.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in energy storage products driven by innovative technology and excellence in manufacturing & services.

Our Mission

Establish Livguard as a strong player in energy-solution space in India. We will achieve this by developing an ecosystem of delighted customers, committed partners, exceptional product quality and delightful service.




Aim outside your comfort zone.


Inspire and energize your team.


Measure, track and review your results.


Analyze customer needs and being their champion.


Communicate honestly and listen carefully.


Work with Trust and create winning Teams.


Leading by Example

Our leaders strongly believe in doing what is right and not what is easy. Under their leadership we are creating a family of more inspiring leaders for the future.

Global Reach

One of the fastest growing global brands, Livguard has enjoyed the superlative career crusade while chartering the rungs of energy solutions space. Currently we are operational in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Afghanistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. We aspire to continue identifying and responding to other global opportunities.

The SAR Group

SAR Group is a conglomerate with multiple lines of businesses.
We are a leading global company committed to supporting sustainability
and providing our consumers with the products they need to lead a better
life and get more out of it. We have ambitious plans for sustainable growth
and an intense sense of social purpose to guide us.

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Energy Unlimited
for your every need

Brand Livguard

With the readiness to take on any challenge, Livguard gives you unlimited energy to fuel your every ambition, ignite your passions and touch your life, everyday.

Our Brand Values

Excellence, Dynamism, Toughness, Positivity and Innovation

Livguard is for active people who want more out of life, through innovative energy solutions that deliver extra performance and extra life. It is the quality of not quitting, keep trying until the goals are reached, implying overcoming odds by ceaseless effort - endless energy

Our Brand

"Privileged to be partnering with Livguard, a name that, like mine, is synonymous with energy unlimited."

Akshay Kumar
Global Brand Ambassador

Understanding Our Brand

Energy Unlimited - For active people who want more out of life

Brand Livguard spells vitality -
a readiness to take on any

Our identity incorporates the numeral 1 which establishes the brand as a front runner in quality, endurance and reliability.

The strong black and fiery red colors signify toughness and energy, while the agile surge indicates the raw power of the brand.

Brand Livguard is youthful, potent and ready for the future.

Our Brand Communication

Our brand communication exudes power and confidence. The emotionally engaging, adrenalin pumping visuals of our communication are meant to convey the spirit and strength of Livguard.

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