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Understanding E-Waste Management
E-waste, short for electronic waste, is the term used to describe old or discarded electronic devices at the end of their functional lives. Items such as smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, air conditioners, TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines fall into this category. Many of these gadgets can be given a second life through reuse, refurbishment, or recycling.
However, the ever-increasing production of e-waste has become a global concern. Even though e-waste is a source of valuable materials like aluminium, copper, gold, and silver, it also harbours harmful elements such as cadmium, lead, and mercury. Without adequate knowledge and disposal practices, e-waste can end up in landfills, potentially leaking toxic substances into our air, water, and soil. This can create significant health and environmental risks. It's crucial that we understand and manage e-waste effectively to minimize its damaging effects on our world.
Under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change guidelines, Government of India, E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016; LIVGUARD BATTERIES PVT LTD stands committed to implementing E-Waste Rules.
At LIVGUARD BATTERIES PVT LTD, we're deeply aware of the urgent need to promote the recycling of all salvageable and valuable materials from e-waste to protect our increasingly depleted natural resources. We believe recycling end-of-life products is crucial to optimize resource utilization and minimize landfill burdens. With this sense of responsibility, we've entered a strategic partnership with one of the premier, authorized e-waste recyclers, E-WASTE RECYCLERS INDIA. This collaboration is intended to aid our customers in responsibly disposing their e-waste products at the end of their lifecycle.
70,932,314 kgs
e-Waste Recycled as per 2023
Why E-waste management
At Livguard, we recognize e-waste as both a challenge and an opportunity. Harnessing the rich potential within electronic waste, we strive to recover valuable resources, reducing environmental harm and creating a sustainable cycle. With effective e-waste management, we aim to protect our ecosystem and public health, all while contributing to a greener future.
1Resource Conservation
Extracting valuable materials like aluminum, copper, gold, and silver from e-waste not only reduces the need for mining but also saves energy. Livguard actively participates in this form of resource conservation, promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.
2Environment Protection
E-waste contains hazardous materials that can harm our soil and water. By ensuring safe recycling, Livguard minimizes the potential for harmful substances to leach into the environment, protecting our surroundings and promoting ecological health.
3Community Empowerment
Reusing and refurbishing electronic equipment can offer significant benefits to the community. By donating these items, we provide ready-to-use resources to those in need, fostering a sense of community empowerment and helping to close the digital divide.
Creating Waves of Impact
Awareness programs of recycler EWRI.
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E-Waste Management
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