Best Voltage Stabilizers for Home

With major failures in replacing decommissioned fossil fuels and nuclear power stations, existing supply networks are struggling to keep up with the demands of the new power-hungry digital-age equipment. Many equipment and appliances used in your house today are more digitally based and as a result, more voltage-sensitive. They require an uninterrupted Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions

- Can we use the same stabilizer for TV and Fridge?
No, as their working range requirements are different. Refrigerators require stabilizers with low voltage cut-off and time delay. However, TV stabilizers are only equipped with a high voltage cut-off. Livguard provides a wide range of digital voltage stabilizers for all your uninterrupted power requirements.
- What is the Livguard’s stabilizer price?
Livguard offers a variety of stabilizer for home for different applications. Livguard’s stabilizer price depends on which model you are choosing as per requirement of your appliances. To get the best stabilizer price contact Livguard dealer today.
- How Livguard stabilizers are the best?
Livguard stabilizers come with reliable and advanced technology features to safeguard all equipment from voltage fluctuations. Our stabilizers are built to deliver an enhanced performance each time with a continuous supply of power, without any interruption. All our products are packed with power and are built to tackle heavy workloads with ease.
- Why do we need voltage stabilizer?
They are a great solution to protect equipment and appliances from probable damage due to voltage surges and fluctuations. It is an electrical appliance used to deliver constant voltage current to electric gadgets and save them from probable voltage surges.
- How to get the stabilizer repaired?
To ensure that the voltage fluctuations don't damage your appliances, get your stabilizer checked and repaired by a professional. In case of severe damage, buy efficient voltage stabilizers by Livguard.