Inverter Batteries

With ample power supply to power your everyday needs, Livguard Inverter Batteries let you focus on treasuring only precious moments as you continue to live uninterrupted. Come, live the energy unlimited lifestyle with Livguard Inverter Batteries!


  • SuperTUFF 3D Grid

    · Industry’s first 3D design with a double side pasting.
    · Ensures longer battery life.

  • High Backup Charge Retainer

    · Non-Woven gauntlets with ultra-fine pores.
    · Ensures longer battery backup.

  • TUFF Futuristic Design

    · Advanced premium design.
    · Robust high quality durable material.

  • Deep Cycle Design

    · Ideal for areas with long power cuts.
    · Ensures longer battery life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

- What’s the ideal inverter battery capacity for a small home?
The amount of charge a battery can hold is measured in Ampere hour (Ah). If an inverter battery can provide one ampere of current for one hour, it’s capacity is 1Ah. If the battery can provide one ampere of current for 100 hours, the capacity is 100Ah. You can calculate the inverter battery capacity needed for your home by multiplying the load requirements with hours of backup you need. We have a handy load calculator here to help you find out the best inverter and battery combination for your home.
- What is a deep cycle home inverter battery?
A deep cycle inverter battery is designed to withstand multiple charge and discharge cycles. The best inverter batteries are designed to repeatedly discharge upto 80% of full capacity and recharged without affecting power backup time.
- Which water should be used for topping up the batteries?
Inverter batteries should be topped up regularly to maintain the electrolyte level in the battery. We should always use distilled water to top up the battery to get maximum life out of it. In case distilled water is not available we can also use Boiled water (after cooling to Room Temp).
- What is pro-rata warranty offered with Livguard inverter batteries?
Pro-rata warranty applies on non-repairable products like residential and commercial inverter batteries. If an inverter battery fails before the end of the warranty period, you can have it replaced by paying a partial amount based on the age of the battery. For example, if your inverter battery is covered under 42+24* month (free of cost + pro rata) warranty, and it fails in the 50th month, then 75% value of the battery will be deducted from its price and you will get 25% discount on the MRP of a new battery. The new inverter battery will be covered under a new 42+24* month warranty.
- What is the advantage of tubular batteries?
Livguard range of tubular batteries is the best as they deliver enhanced performance, every single time. Also, they are complemented with features like:
  • Highly reliable
  • Faster charging
  • Long-lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Long standby life
- Which is the best inverter battery for home use?
Consider the factors to choose the best inverter battery for your home.
  • Understand your power requirement
  • Find the VA rating of your inverter
  • Be aware of the inverter battery size that you require
  • Consider the bigger appliances
Livguard’s range of inverter batteries promises uninterrupted supply of electric power for long hours, which is why it is ideally suited for Indian power conditions. Built with superior plate grid design and high electrolyte volume, Livguard inverter batteries deliver enhanced performance, every single time, which makes them the best inverter battery for home use.
- Which is better for home, UPS or inverter?
Inverters are a preferable mode of power back up for long durations. The differences between the two are:
  • UPS stores the electricity while inverter converts the AC power to DC
  • UPS is more expensive
  • Supplying power of UPS is for a short duration
  • UPS is directly connected to the appliance and therefore require one UPS each appliance
- Which type of inverter battery is good for frequent power cuts?
Tubular batteries are most suitable for both domestic and industrial applications. They are best for those places where there are frequent power cuts. The advantages are:
  • 20% more electrical capacity
  • 30% longer service life
  • Deliver energy at a faster rate for its:
  • Compact structure
  • Increased mass and surface area of the active material
  • Ease with which acid circulates around the tubular plate design
Livguard offers a wide range of inverter batteries, promising uninterrupted supply of electric power for long hours.
- How to know if the inverter battery is completely charged?
For a house to have the uninterrupted power even during power cuts, you need a reliable and fully charged battery connected to your inverter to provide the required power.
Livguard’s commercial and residential inverter batteries are designed with a superior plate grid design and high electrolyte volume to deliver enhanced performance and longer power backup. Moreover, these low-maintenance inverter batteries make your life easier by reducing downtimes and requiring minimal care. Also, they Livguard inverters have battery charge status indicator on their front display panel which shows when the battery is fully charged.
- What is the price of Livguard inverter batteries?
Livguard inverter batteries comes in different sizes and capacities. You can choose the best fit from our range of inverter batteries as per your household appliance’s load requirement. Livguard inverter batteries are known for strong and sturdy designs, long-lasting performance, best in class warranty and economical battery price. To get the best price of livguard inverter battery contact your nearby Livguard dealers.
- Where can I get Livguard Inverter Battery price list?
Livguard have a vast network on dealers and distributors in India. We have over 186+ distributors and 2300+ dealer all across India offering latest inverters and inverter batteries. You can contact your nearby Livguard Dealer to get Livguard inverter battery price list and best battery price.
- What is the warranty on Livguard Inverter and Battery?
Livguard inverters and batteries are built with superior technology and durable materials to provide uninterrupted power supply and long performance. Livguard offers best in class warranty for inverters and inverter batteries. Livguard battery warranty range between 18 months to 48 months* depending on the battery model. We have enabled paperless warranty registration for easier future claims. Now you can register your products online for warranty. Click here to register your product.