Solar Management Unit

Livguard Solar Management Unit (SMU) converts any existing inverter into solar system. It has in-built intelligence to maximize use of solar energy and is ideal for various DC voltages.


  • Positive Power Tolerance

    Positive Power Tolerance

    - Ensures full energy harvesting
    -Ensure better return of investement

  • Excellent performace

    Excellent performace in low light

    -High quality transparent glass
    -Glossy EVA to capture maximum solar energy

  • Suitable for Extreme weather

    Suitable for Extreme weather

    Tempered glass withstands dynamic wind load of 2400 Pa & snow load of 5400 Pa
    -Multi EVA capsulation

  • Potential

    Potential -Induced Degradation (PID) Resistance Technology

    - For longer life and lower degradtion

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Frequently Asked Questions

- What are Solar Panels?
  • Solar panels are designed to absorb sunlight and generate electricity.
  • They are also known as PV or photovoltaic modules as they don’t need anything beyond sunlight to produce (direct current) electricity.
  • Solar panels can easily replace fossil fuels that cause unnecessary pollution.
  • These panels supply clean and renewable energy that comes directly from the Sun, reduce the carbon footprint, and are environment friendly.
- What is the average cost of Solar Panels?
The cost of solar panels has considerably reduced in the past few years. The reason is increased demand by consumers who have begun to realize the benefit of going solar. At Livguard, we value quality and provide top notch solar panels at a very affordable price. Also, an investment in solar solutions is very sound as compared to merely relying on grid power. In the long run, it is cheap as the whole cost can be recovered in a short span of years. In fact, after a certain period of time, if you choose the right installation service, you can actually start earning profit from your investment.