Solar panels are an ideal energy-saving home power solution that helps the homeowners to reduce both power bill and carbon footprint. Many residential and commercial spaces are using solar panels as part of their energy plan to use natural sunlight as a useful resource.

Although installing them in today’s time is not that difficult, there are certain things one need to know and ensure before its installation.

  • Basic Considerations:
    • Calculate the approximate energy requirements and how much you are expecting to cover with a solar array.
    • The monthly and annual energy consumption.
    • How to optimise the electrical wiring of the house?
    • How much peak sunlight you can expect for the region?
    • Roof direction
    • Minimal shading
  • How much will solar panels are required: It’s important to see how much solar panel coverage will you need to almost completely meet the needs of your power consumption. This will estimate the number of solar panelling required in your household. It depends on:
    • the amount of sunlight one receives
    • the complete energy consumption.
  • Equipment Requirements: A solar system consists of:
    • Solar Panels
    • Inverter
    • Battery

There are many different solar panels and inverters for you to choose from. Here are some useful rules to follow when choosing a solar panel or inverter:

  • Go for a renowned and trusted brand
  • Try to buy all the three equipment from one brand
  • Cost: Even though prices have steadily been dropping as the home-based solar energy market expands, PV arrays are still a significant investment. For an accurate estimate of solar pricing for your home, consider using an online solar calculator.
  • Warranty: Most solar systems provide warranties like:
    • 10 years
    • 15 years
    • 25 years

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