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Best Automotive Batteries

If you are looking in terms of pure power for your vehicle, search no further. Livguard offers the best automotive battery, delivering long-lasting, unsurpassed performance with unparallel results. It is the best choice for today’s auto professionals and enthusiasts when it comes to enduring performance and long life. No matter how extreme the road and weather conditions are, Livguard automotive battery emits ultimate power, performance and reliability.

Batteries for every type of vehicle

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All car batteries are 12 volts. The only variant is the amount of charge. This is given in Amp-hours. What make Livguard standout then other brands is battery life and warranty. We provide best in class warranty on our automotive batteries.
Yes, all our batteries come ready to install from the factory. You just have to buy a battery from Livguard battery dealer near you and install it in your car.
Yes you can. We are standing with our customer during these hard times. If you need service for your car battery or any other automotive batteries just call us at 1800-102-5551 and our technician will visit your place for free replacement/repair service.