A modern car needs a modern car battery. The technologically advanced Zing car batteries from Livguard give you enduring performance and best in class warranty cover of up to 72 months. The durable construction of this car battery makes it ideal for use in extreme weather conditions.

The Livguard Zing car battery uses an advanced calcium alloy to deliver higher Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) for smoother starts. The battery also has a unique double-lid design that prevents water loss and leakages, making it a maintenance free car battery.

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The DNA of Zing



Cranking Efficiency

A perfect blend of tough branched grid structure and Cold-forge technology terminals ensures higher cranking power.

Higher Safety Standard

Virgin PPCP container with anti static agent to make battery vibration and brust proof.

Low Maintenance

Unique labyrinth double-lid design to prevent external damage and terminal corrision.

Designed For Long Life

Offset cast on strap and advanced calcium aloy with fine grain structure offers long life to our batteries.

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