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Best Car & SUV batteries

Modern cars and SUVs come equipped with a lot of standard electronic equipment. From advanced safety features to enhanced driving controls and entertainment systems, every new addition raises the electronic power requirements of your vehicle. Livguard’s car and SUV batteries deliver adequate and reliable power to meet these needs.

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The DNA of Zing

zing dna

SOH (State of Health) Indicator.
Easy self-inspection

Offset Cast on Strap
Increase Cracking ability and provide longer service life.

Unique Labyrinth Double-lid Design.
Maintenance free & Prevent external damage and terminal corrosion.

Advanced calcium alloy with Fine grain structure.
Maintenance Free & Higher shelf life

Tough Branched grid design with FEA Enabled Grid Structure.
Superior cracking & longer life

Ultra high pure lab grade electrolyte
Maintenance Free & Long Life

Double side pasting with Special carbon additives.
Faster recharge, Long Life & Higher CCA

PE Separator.
Long Life & Higher CCA

Cold-forge Technology Terminals
Consistent high cranking performance throughout the service life.

Virgin PPCP Container with Anti Static Agent.
Vibration Proof & Burst Proof.

Special 'FIN' design container.
Consistent performance and longer service life.



Best in Class Warranty

Unique Active Material for Smooth Start

Advanced Calcium Technology for Maintenance Free Life

deep cycle

Rough Radial Grid Design for Longer Life

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A car battery is considered discharged when the voltage drops below 12 volts. And if the car battery is below 12 volts, use a dedicated charger to charge it.
Cold temperatures thicken motor oil, making it harder to turn the engine over. A cold battery has less cranking power, thus making it difficult to start in cold weather.
Car batteries usually lasts between 3 and 5 years. There are many factors which decides the average life of a battery. To find the best car battery visit the website www.livguard.com
A standard car battery have 12 volts of electric potential. But Amps can vary from 35 amps to 55 amps and more depending on the additional equipment in your car which will be using power from your car battery. For example - a car with large sound system will need more Amps then a car with small sound system.
To get the right battery power for your vehicle, you need to consider a few important factors.
  • The cold-cranking amps (CCA): Cranking amps is the measure of the battery's starting power.
  • Reserve capacity (RC) of the battery: It refers to a battery’s standing power.
  • The standard requirements of your vehicle.
  • Size and brand
Livguard’s battery finder is the best way to help you find the right battery for your vehicle.
A maintenance-free car battery implies that the manufacturer didn’t provide any means of maintaining the water/acid level in the battery. This means that if the battery boils dry, it can only be replaced. Therefore, it becomes imperative to buy a maintenance-free battery from a trusted and renowned manufacturer like Livguard. We provide robust, sturdy and long-lasting batteries for every road condition in India.
Livguard’s Zing ETERNA battery for Car & SUV is a unique labyrinth double-lid design which prevents external damage and terminal corrosion for a maintenance-free life.
  • Heavy-duty batteries are more robust
  • Improvement on the original zinc-carbon batteries.
  • They use purer chemicals
  • Give a longer service life
  • Steadier voltage output as it is used
  • Offer about twice the service life
Livguard’s range of Zing ETERNA is the strong, robust and best battery for Car & SUV. The battery is all about delivering the perfect road experience. It is designed for the extra performance of your vehicle in challenging road situations and all types of weather conditions.