Power outages and voltage fluctuations have been two constant issues of our lives, and now they are affecting our way of living and high-maintenance lifestyle. We are a generation of smart home automation systems and technological appliances and gadgets. Our lives revolve around these not-to-be-missed equipment’s that are built to ease out our lives and bring convenience and comfort in all the things we do. Power issues and cuts create problems with the working of these appliances and sometimes result in bigger loss or spending.

Thus, we are in constant lookout for reliable and trusted products to provide uninterrupted power supply to our household and ease out our worries and saves us from bigger losses. Talking about continuous power supplies, inverters are the go-to option for most Indian households. They are the most convenient and effective product for people dealing with power issues.

What Is An Inverter & Its Benefits?

An inverter is a power conversion circuit that regulates current, voltage and resistance in electrical gadgets and appliances. The integrated circuit of an inverter controls the machine’s compressor and thus, provides just the required amount of voltage for the gadgets and appliances to work. Inverters also ensure that too much and too less voltage from the conventional supply doesn’t pose any harm or damage to the gadgets and appliances.

The various types of inverters one can find today are:

  • Sine Wave Inverters: These inverters are the most popular inverters today and produce a similar type of output one would expect from a normal electric supply. These inverters support sensitive appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, televisions, etc. They guarantee a smooth experience to the owners and are extremely reliable.
  • Modified Sine Wave Inverters: These are mostly famous to operate lesser electronic devices like light bulbs, microwave, etc. The technology involves converting power from a 12-volt battery and recharge it with generators of solar panels. These inverters are comparatively more affordable than the true Sine Wave technology. However, these can’t be used to operate a device that involves motor speed control.
  • Solar Inverters: These inverters are built with energy-efficient designs that use sunlight as the power for generating source. The inverter collects solar energy during the daytime and stores it as usable electrical energy for use during other hours of the day. These are very environment-friendly and cost-effective options in the longer run.

Advantages of using inverters at home

  • Provides an uninterruptable power supply to the household.
  • They are safe and easy to handle.
  • Safeguards the appliances and electronic gadgets from power surges and fluctuations. 

Some basic facts about inverters are:

As a consumer, it’s imperative for you to know some facts about inverters and inverter batteries, before going for the best buy.

  • Calculate your power requirements for an inverter: Inverter is nowhere similar to a generator and is built with few limitations. Thus, you can’t power and run the complete household with numerous devices and appliances with a normal inverter.
    • Wattage rating of typical home appliances: List out the appliances and gadgets you wish to run with the inverter supply with their power consumptions.
    • Starting power and running power: We should understand that starting and running power requirement of all electric appliances are different. Thus, some appliances like refrigerator, washing machine etc. take almost double power to start as compared to the normal running power of other appliances.
    • Find the VA rating: This rating determines the voltage and current supplied by the inverter to the various equipment. For e.g., if the inverter operates with 100% efficiency, this means that the power requirement of the appliances and power supplied by the inverter is the same. But we all know that ideally, this is not possible, and this is known as the power factor of an inverter. Thus, the combination of your power requirement and inverter’s power factor decides the VA ratings of an inverter.
  • Inverters or UPS: Functionally, both UPS and inverter does the same job of converting DC into AC in case of power failures. But when we speak about a home, its backup power requirement is higher. Thus, UPS is not the right choice to supply that much power. Also, its capacity is only to provide support for a few minutes. Therefore, it is best to buy an inverter.
  • Buy batteries from inverter manufacturers: The life and performance of an inverter are very much dependent on battery quality. It is always advisable to go for a trusted brand for both inverter and inverter batteries. If you are getting this under a reliable name, one should not leave such an opportunity. It always helps with after-sales support and maintenance issues.

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Livguard Inverters: The Name You Can Trust Upon

Livguard is a leading brand in India, providing the best inverters and inverter batteries for home use. We successfully offer impeccable and robust inverters for home, providing dependable, uninterrupted power to the households, always keeping you comfortable and connected. The inverter’s product design is innovative and advanced and delivers safe and silent AC power backup for homes. These are one of the best solutions to solve the various power outages and issues at home. The Livguard home inverter range is available in a variety of power configurations and battery combinations to meet power backup requirement for all homes. All our home inverter products go through strict quality control and come with robust after-sales support and a 2-years warranty.

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Let’s see at some pointers as to why one should choose Livguard as their trusted partner.

  • State-of-the-art Technology: Being in a row with the latest technology and advances makes Livguard as the most sought-after brand in the field of inverters for home usage. They offer efficient and effective products to make the life of their customers convenient & comfortable. 
  • Trusted Brand: With a strong foothold in the power solution industry, Livguard is a trusted name for various energy requirements.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Livguard’s energy-efficient power backup solutions and products are sustainable options for homes and aim for customer’s delight and comfort.
  • Reliable & Durable: Livguard’s products are a market leader suiting the unique needs of your household. It is a reliable name in the industry providing durable, effective and long-lasting products to all.

Types of Home Inverter Products

i-Verter LGS 1100 – This is amongst the list of most popular inverters in India and makes for a perfect choice to run heavy appliances with ease and have a longer backup time. Available in an affordable price range, this inverter will perfectly fit the needs of your home with ease and convenience. Read More

i-Verter LGS 1700 – Coming with a warranty span of 2 years, this inverter provides a long-lasting and durable performance at all times. It can be a great choice for your household, capable of powering many electronic items and appliances all at once. This inverter can comfortably provide power to large homes, small and even mid-sized offices thanks to its high capacity of 1,500 VA. Read More

i-Verter LGS 900 – If you are looking to buy an inverter for your home, then this is the one for you. It comes with overloaded protection, short-circuits protection and is compatible with flat, tubular, SMF and other branded batteries. With this in work, the maintenance of electrical appliances has become easier and convenient. Read More

i2-Verter LG 1100 – This inverter is best suited for an Indian household looking out for impeccable performance and a long-lasting power supply. It comes with a warranty of 2 years, capacity of 900 VA, and is battery deep-discharge protection. Read More

i2-Verter LG 1700 – Equipped with artificial intelligent charging, Livguard’s range of inverters can run heavy appliances with ease and have a longer backup time. This inverter is made to go through strict quality control and come with robust after-sales support and a 2-years warranty. It is a great pick for people who wish to reduce the electricity costs and hazards at their homes during power cuts. Read More

i2-Verter LG 900 – This inverter is built ensuring reliability of continuous power supply and protects the appliances and gadgets from the wrath of power outages and fluctuations. Within an affordable price range for most households, this is the best inverter for people living in areas that suffer regular and frequent power cuts. Read More

i2-Verter LG 700 – For the longevity of your appliances and gadgets at home, browse through the features of the Livguard’s i2-Verter LG 700 inverter. It remarkably reduces and diminishes the costs of electricity bills and power consumption per unit. Read More

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Pick The Best Inverter for Home

Electricity has become a necessity in today’s time, and with the arrival of newer technology and appliances every other day, we are in great need of a resourceful and trusted power solution in our households. Livguard is a trusted and reliable brand protecting various critical systems and ensuring continuous operations with full-featured and cost-effective power solutions. Our company is one of the leading market players in the field of providing inverters and delivers long-lasting, continuous power supply to various appliances and gadgets.

The various pointers stated above explains the imperative need of having an effective inverter like Livguard at home. Not only our inverter will ensure a 24/7 electricity supply, but it will also allow longevity for your electrical appliances. The safety feature, along with the performance, definitely makes us the best choice for home inverters. You can check our website for an extensive range of inverters for your home and the list of various dealers near to your location. 

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