Car batteries are an essential part of every automobile. From getting your car started to your music system and phone on-the-go, batteries provide the zap your vehicles need to keep up on road. That is why it’s so important to know when to start considering a car battery change or what can be done to extend a battery’s healthy lifespan.

Maruti Swift is a hatchback car available in India in various colour variants. It provides a comfortable ride to many households with its impeccable interiors and builds quality. So, if you own a Maruti Swift, here are few maintenance tips to extend its battery life.

  • Limit short rides: Quick rides prevent your car’s battery to be fully charged. Maintain your car’s battery power by driving it frequently but for extended periods.
  • Keep your battery tightly fastened: A battery that is not securely fastened could vibrate, potentially resulting in internal damage and short circuits. Keep your battery terminal checked regularly to ensure safety.
  • Turn off all the lights when you exit: Accidently putting your car lights or headlights on can put a heavy toll on the vehicle’s battery. Make sure to turn off all the lights before signing off.
  • Control the corrosion: Battery terminals corrode over time and reduces the life of the battery. Thus, keep them clean from build-up.
  • Test your battery often: Maintaining and gauging your car battery’s output voltage level keeps track of its life span.
  • Don’t use electronics while idling: Extended periods of idling also can wear a battery down. Turn off functions like the radio or air conditioner when your engine isn’t running to put less wear and tear on your battery power.
  • Care and maintenance: The simple ways to ensure your battery’s lifespan to reach its full capacity are: 
    • Avoid rash driving
    • Avoid sudden gear shifts while driving
    • Make sure that you take your car for routine tune-ups
    • Properly storing your vehicle
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