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Bus and Truck Batteries

Nowadays, commercial vehicles are no longer simple buses or trucks that drive from A to B and are used as pure transport or work vehicles. Increasingly stringent environmental protection and safety regulations are drastically changing the market. They need a battery designed to meet the extreme energy demands. Also, not only it needs to provide a reliable starting power, but also has to supply power to extensive electronic equipment.

Livguard Bus & Truck Battery



Cranking Efficiency

A perfect blend of the grid structure and plate chemistry ensures higher cranking power.

Higher Safety Standard

Specially engineered with flame arresters at venting locations to ensure high-level safety

Low Maintenance

Designed to reduce water loss and increase efficiency.

Designed For Long Life

Robust Grid Structure and Double Clad Separation offers long life to our batteries.

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Warranty is the first thing to check before other factors. A commercial truck has a heavy engine and usually goes to longer distances than other vehicles which require constant current supply from battery. A low quality battery will not be able to provide optimum performance for a longer period. Considering the cost and frequency of changing commercial truck batteries, always go for higher warranty batteries.
Design truck engine is heavier than a normal petrol car engine and requires higher capacity batteries for cracking. Also equipment which requires power like Headlight, wipers etc require more juice. Given the condition and distance of routes a diesel truck takes, it requires a strong and heavy duty battery with good warranty.