Livguard E Rickshaw Battery

Do you all remember the time when Tuk-Tuks or Tempos were the cheapest mode of commutation in some tier 1 and major tier 2 cities? People always prefer riding them for short distances in low price. Then came the population and pollution jump. Their place was taken by E-rickshaws which are environment friendly and serves the same purpose. These new age battery operated E-Rickshaws are the vehicle leaders for a better future. Read More

Lithium Batteries


  • Cranking Efficiency

    Cranking Efficiency

    A perfect blend of the grid structure and plate chemistry ensures higher cranking power.

  • Higher Safety Standard

    Higher Safety Standard

    Specially engineered with flame arresters at venting locations to ensure high-level safety

  • Low Maintenance

    Low Maintenance

    Designed to reduce water loss and increase efficiency.

  • Designed For Long Life

    Designed For Long Life

    Robust Grid Structure and Double Clad Separation offers long life to our batteries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

- What is the average life of an e rickshaw battery?
Livguard is the best E Rickshaw battery manufacturer in India with an average battery life of 9 Months against 6 months warranty life. They provide low maintenance batteries with high efficiency.
- Which one is the best battery for e rickshaw?
Livguard’s “E-Shakti”, E Rickshaw battery is the best one with the capacity of 100Ah and 120AH. It is a 4-battery set. They promise enormous power with more backup and fast charging, resulting in more savings.
- Which are the e rickshaw battery manufacturers?
Livguard, Exide, Luminous, SF etc are some prominent names in the field of E-Rickshaw battery manufacturers. There are many other local manufacturers as well. But its always suggested to go with trusted brands as they provide great service and assured warranty.
- What is the price of a Livguard’s E-rickshaw battery?
Livguard’s E-shakti battery is engineered to suit the requirements of e-rickshaws. Their prices can be found by contacting your nearby Livguard dealers for E-shakti battery.
- How to maintain an E-rickshaw battery?
Few tips of maintaining an e-rickshaw battery are:
  • Regularly check the water level
  • Turn off the lights, music etc. while exiting the e-rickshaw
  • Make sure the clamps are firmly tightened and fixed at the correct poles
  • Check the condition of the battery regularly
- What is the charging time for e-rickshaw batteries?
E-rickshaw batteries require charging of six to eight hours for uninterrupted and convenient usage.