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Three Wheeler Batteries

Vehicles for hire, like auto-rickshaws, need batteries that offer lasting performance as profitability is a major point of concern for individual and fleet owners. Livguard auto-rickshaw batteries deliver increased cycle life and superior casing design for protection from corrosion and vibrations, offering better value for your investment.

Auto Rickshaw battery



Cranking Efficiency

A perfect blend of the grid structure and plate chemistry ensures higher cranking power.

Higher Safety Standard

Specially engineered with flame arresters at venting locations to ensure high-level safety

Low Maintenance

Designed to reduce water loss and increase efficiency.

Designed For Long Life

Robust Grid Structure and Double Clad Separation offers long life to our batteries.

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Considering the fact that Auto-Rickshaws have small engines and small dynamos, it requires a battery which charges faster, and can power multiple cracking through-out the day. Also which comes with a higher warranty period and strong design. Livguard Autoz series are the best auto batteries in the market.
Extreme cold reduces the speed at which chemical reactions in batteries occur, while increasing electrolyte resistance. It is important to keep batteries at a full charge during periods of extreme winter and cold. Batteries in a discharged state are prone to freezing which can cause damage to the plates and battery container. Auto rickshaws and 3 wheelers require more from a battery in freezing temperatures as the motor oil thickens and makes the engine harder to crank.