The car battery provides the major jolt of electricity needed to power all the devices and equipment installed in the vehicle. It is one of the crucial and most important aspects of running your vehicle smoothly and efficiently on the road. The whole performance and working of your vehicle are dependent on the battery, and it’s working. The more you know about the car battery, the less likely are the chances of you getting stuck on the road clueless.

With a battery posing such great importance in a vehicle’s performance, it’s imperative to know about the various essential things a car battery delivers. These are:

  • The battery powers the car: The vehicle needs a steady and stable source of power. And with the various fluctuations in your power needs, such as turning off your heater or headlights, the amount of power needed varies from one moment to the other. So, all the electronics in the car pull the power from the battery. During times of high-power usage, your battery will slowly discharge.

  • Overloading and discharging a battery can damage it: Vehicles that operate a lot of accessories, or that make frequent short trips might not be having enough time for the battery to recharge. These vehicles may have a dead battery in a few weeks. These kinds of batteries won’t last as long as batteries operated under normal conditions.

  • Life Span of a Car battery: Batteries anywhere last between 3 to 5 years of life span under normal conditions. Although this factor mostly depends on the usage, working conditions, road conditions, etc. as well.

  • Battery Warranties: The warranties are installed in two ways:
    • Installed by manufacturers
    • Installed by the third party    

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